Studio Policies

  • Arrival and Departure from Classes: All students are asked to enter the studio as soon as they arrive and wait in the waiting area until their class begins. Students will not be allowed to wait for ride outside the studio, they must remain inside until parents/guardians arrive to take them home. If you make arrangements to have someone, that we do not know, pick up your young child; please advise the child and also the childs teacher (preferably a note).
  • Attendance: Absenteeism is very disturbing to the learning process. Missing a lesson due to illness or travel is understandable but please try not to schedule other activities or appointments at class time. Students may make up classes missed but there will not be a reduction in monthly tuition. We will be keeping attendance records and perfect attendance will be recognized at the recital in May. Make up classes will not count towards perfect attendance. Please be punctual; entering class late is disturbing for everyone.
  • Enrollment : Enrollment is for 91/2 months, mid-August through May. Notice of a drop must given in writing to the office 2 weeks in advance. Failure to notify us will result in continued tuition.
  • Holidays: See the calendar section of this brochure for specific dates. Often when school is closed for inclement weather, it is not necessary for us to cancel classes.
  • Weather Closures: Information will be posted to the website if classes are cancelled due to bad weather.
  • Paying Tuition: Place checks in the mailbox by the office door. Cash is accepted, please try to pay when someone is in the office or give to the teacher at the end of the class. Receipts will be given for cash and should be kept to avoid bookkeeping errors. We also accept Visa & Master Card payments.
  • Placement: Students are placed in classes according to their ability, age and dedication. We will do our best to place children in classes that are both challenging and fun for them. If we feel that a change is warranted, we will notify you. If you or child have a question or a problem with the class they are attending, please contact the studio so that we may discuss it.
  • View Windows: Parents and visitors are not allowed inside the classroom during regularly scheduled classes. Although this might not upset your child, it could distract others. Our viewing windows are usually open but these may be closed at the teachers discretion should people outside the windows be distracting the class. Do not stand close to the viewing windows and please do not allow your children in the waiting area to be disruptive to our classes.
  • Food: Only water is allowed inside the dance studios. Refreshments/snacks are allowed in the eating area provided in the front of the studio. Please do not take drinks or food onto the carpeted areas.
  • Dance Attire: We consider it absolutely essential that the correct dance clothes be worn so that the teacher may observe the body to give corrections in movements and alignment. Hair should be pulled back and kept away from the face. Jewelry should be left at home. Students leotards should be covered with skirts or shorts when arriving and leaving the studio. Please do not send your child to class without socks or tightstap shoes will rub blisters. Please provide your child with a dance bag so that they can keep up with their shoes in class. Any dancers not properly dressed for class may be asked to sit and observe. You may purchase attire at Curtain Call.
      • Combination Classes: Leotards and tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes with elastic through the eyelets or Velcro fasteners
      • Ballet: Black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes
      • Other classes: Leotard, tights, and black tap or jazz shoes.

    Please label all dancewear with childs name. Permanent markers work great. Absolutely no gum allowed. Be good! We reserve the right to dismiss any student who upsets the harmony of the studio.