Rhythm Force

Rhythm Force, the performing troupe of D’Ette & Co. Dancers, is an extra curricular activity for the dancers, age seven and older, who are interested in furthering their dance education. The troupe gives the students an opportunity to concentrate on choreography and performance technique and to perform throughout the year at a variety of community activities. The troupe is also instrumental in the performance of The Nutcracker performed by the studio annually in December.

Regularly announced auditions are held for troupe membership. Auditions are based upon a point system with those dancers receiving the most points earning a position in the group. All dancers age 7 and up, are encouraged to audition. Dancers are divided into groups depending on their ability, age, and past dancing experience.

The audition will be very much like a class but with teachers watching for ability, technique, potential, enthusiasm and appearance. The audition will include ballet, tap, and jazz. All dancers auditioning must be registered for weekly dance classes with D’Ette & Co. Dancers. All Rhythm Force members take classes in ballet, tap, and jazz.